I recently received the photographs that were taken with Amy, a former professional model who is dedicating 3 years of her life to service. Part of that service was in the same community that makes the bag. She loves the bag project and vowed to help me. She and her friend Jenny, a professional photographer, took these for me. Here is a sample of some of the photos I got.

fair trade handbag

I realized when I saw the photos, that not only does the project benefit from the glamorous displays of the bags, but even more so from the creativity of their minds- minds that are not mine. Sometimes it feels like little me is trying to make such a huge impact on women and on the world, that I just need energy and input and points of view from other women- to help me carry it, to feel like it really is the work of a community. Amy is the target market for these bags and she tells me that women like her will relate to these photos. That is such precious information: I got market research, and professional photos all in one.

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