I tried so hard to find the perfect symbol. I researched legends, dug for stories, looking for something that already had the meaning that I was trying to create.

woonan artisans tagua logo

And just as I seemed to hit rock bottom in desperation, I got a lightning flash realization: in creating something new, I can’t look for it among things that already exist.

logo handbags fair trade tagua seed

I can’t say that I found this symbol -it found me. It is powerful. It is feminine. It is natural. It looks beautiful on the bags.

The Woonan artists carved each one of them by hand and, at my request, instead of using the usual craft paint to add color, they used one of their natural dyes from boiled cocobolo wood.

It will not be complete until the name is placed on it (in the center), but we are off to a beautiful start. So far each part of the bag is handmade, fair trade, and 100% environmentally responsible, organic plant material.

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One Response to “The Logo”

  1. Rishabh Kaul Says:

    That is great. Every sigle part of the bag being handmade and organic. This is taking it to a whole new level. All the best.

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